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Additional Links and Resources Mentioned in this Webinar:

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1 Minute Audition Videos - Accepted into TED@NYC 2013

TED@NYC 2013 - Final Product - Filmed at Joe's Pub, NYC

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Suggested Tips and Tricks: 

  1. Find one story that is translatable to a larger message. Focus on connecting the story to one specific takeaway for the audience, and the one 'idea worth spreading'.

  2. To distill a message, recognize the significance of your story. Analyze it from the ways it has shifted your internal and external realities as well as your world view. Choose one of these to elaborate upon in your crafting process.

  3. Find the relevancy of your talk- why is this topic important and on the agenda now? If you are able to find something that relates directly to the theme of the conference, or an issue that is timely, it will only make your application stronger.

  4. Edit relentlessly - try to cut out any fluff or anything that isn't essential in your written application and video. If there are parts that are broad, try to use more specific examples to illustrate your point.

  5. When the application asks 'Why You', remember that there may be parts of your lived experience which make you an 'expert'. Think beyond your credentials when highlighting the things you know, and why you know it.

  6. If possible, have a friend or loved one assist in the recording of your one minute video, and stick to the time frame and other guidelines as much as possible.

  7. Practice your script several times before recording it - one minute isn't alot of time, so make it crisp, clean and to the point!

  8. Watch other TED talks, especially those that are delivered at TED@NYC and have titles that catch your attention. Try to see how they connect their lived experiences to a clear takeaway.

  9. Be You! There is no specific look or sound of a 'TED Speaker' - just let your true personality shine.

  10. Start early, and see if there is someone who would be willing to vet your application. If at first you don't succeed, tweak and see if there may be other conference, related TEDx events, or other avenues to get up and perfect your message.



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